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It was 1975 and Marvin Taylor needed a job. He'd served his country in Vietnam and returned to the aircraft engineering world of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas only to find the economy was struggling and businesses, even aircraft companies, were downsizing.


He had picked up work with a local company hauling, handling and distributing inks and dyes. When this business decided to close it was up to Marvin to let their customers know they would have to find another warehouse and another hauling company. But Betty White (no, not that one) of Sinclair Valentine Ink Manufacturing had a different idea. She had gotten used to Marvin's great customer service, fair costs and product diligence. She told Marvin she didn't need to find another warehouse, he did. And if he established himself in business, she'd bring Sinclair Valentine Ink along as his first customer.


Local owned Stanley Bank backed him and with a 5,000 sq.ft. space, a forklift and a straight truck, Marvin Taylor went into business. Its been over 35 years now, some kids, some grandkids, different space and more trucks have come along but Marvin is proud of the fact that those first businesses who took a chance on him are still in business with him, and his family, today.


As of 2015, Industrial Warehouse has added more space and more grandchildren but we're still the same reliable, family-owned business you've come to trust.



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