How big is your facility?
We boast over 92,000 square feet and we're growing. We've added more space just down the road.

My product is temperature sensitive. Can you handle it?
Sure. We're good at sensitive. We never mention Uncle Hugo's Leisure Suit problem. Don't fret. We have a climate-controlled area that is just the thing.

Is your warehouse clean?
So clean you could eat off it, if you don't mind eating off a warehouse.

It's after hours and I forgot. Can you help?
We all forget. Give us a call at 816-483-4331. We'll see what we can do. But don't make a habit of it.

Do you deliver?
If you want it in the Greater Kansas City and Metro Area, you betcha! If you're further out we'll share all our great contacts with LTL Carriers and get you a nifty discount on your haul.


Are you HazMat certified?
Haven't you read all the great copy on the other pages? YES we are! We have our HM-208 Hazard Materials Registration along with OSHA, CMA and FDA certifications and registrations.


Can I come into the warehouse whenever I want?
Are you HazMat certified? But, seriously. We don't joke about safety. This isn't a Public Storage facility like those U-Store places. We've got stuff in here. Really cool, complicated stuff. So......No.


Are you secure?
With alarms and sprinklers and cops and everything! Or were you talking about personally?


What are your rates?
We negotiate rates on a per customer bases. Keeps it interesting.


What kind of stuff do you handle?
What do you got? All our folks are trained and certified. If it's packaged and palleted, we're your warehouse.


Do you just 'warehouse' or do you have other talents?
We're enormously talented. We pick! We label! We do cross-docking! Our integrated systems help us manage the inventory and keep everything properly rotated. We're also great a karaoke.



For more information, including rates, please call
Amy at 816-483-4331

or email: orders@industrialwarehouseco.com

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