Our Warehouse

The Space

We have over 92,000 sq.ft. (including a climate controlled space) and we are growing. Our facility has 24/7 security and an automated sprinkler system through out.


We are known for warehousing paints and raw materials for silk screening. We also store coatings, pigments, dyes, agricultural products and chemicals.


It doesn't have to be dangerous and hard to pronounce. We handle your other warehouse needs as well. And with the same care as those chemicals.

The Certifications

  • HM-208 HazMat Registration
  • All Staff is trained in HazMat response.
  • Chemical Distributions self-assessment (CMA)
  • FDA Unified Registration
  • OSHA Certified forklift drivers

The Awesome

We believe in strong customer service and specialized care. You won't be a number here. We'll treat you like a member of the family. Actually, we'll probably treat you better than family because, you know, you'll be paying us.


We deliver within the Greater Kansas City and Metro Area.

We share our LTL Discounts (up to 80%) to help you with the long haul.


We pick and label and handle cross-docking.

We rotate stock. First In = First Out.

We've been in business since 1975.

We are family owned and operated.



For more information, including rates, please call
Amy at 816-483-4331
or email: orders@industrialwarehouseco.com

Contact Us

Industrial Warehouse Entp. Inc.
1800-B Southern Road

Kansas City, MO 64120


Call: 816-483-4331


or Email: orders@industrialwarehouseco.com

Business Hours

Mon - Fri  7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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